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Creating Success: Hope. Opportunity. Jobs.
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$1,000 per Student over 4 years

What will it take to help North Carolina’s students, citizens, communities and businesses succeed in the future? A strong educational system, solid post-secondary opportunities, thriving businesses and growing communities that meet citizen needs. NC Community Colleges are requesting an additional $1,000 per student over the next four years to continue the major role we play in building that success.

Creating Success for North Carolina’s Students

Faculty and Staff Salaries

  • Our students need high-quality faculty and staff to be well prepared in the workplace. In 2004, the General Assembly set a goal to have our community college faculty pay on par with the national average by 2007. Currently we are ranked 40th out of 49 states with community colleges, and our average salary ($48,225) is 79% of the national average ($58,525).
  • Funding Request: $119 million over four years to bring our faculty and staff salaries to the national average by 2013.

Technology and Equipment

  • The world runs on technology, and today’s generation begins using technology during their preschool years. Our colleges’ technology and equipment must maintain a basic standard or our students’ learning and job opportunities will suffer. Just to replace and maintain our basic technology and equipment every 6 or 7 years will require $50 million. It’s not cutting edge but, when combined with funding based on enrollment growth, will help keep us on pace with our students’ needs.
  • Funding Request: $20 million additional in recurring funds over four years

Creating Success in Critical Careers


  • From 1999-2005, North Carolina experienced a .2% growth in total employment but in healthcare-related jobs, that growth was 45.8%. Eight of the 10 fastest growing occupations in our State are healthcare professions.
  • According to NC Center for Nursing, our State currently needs 7,000 more RNs than we can produce. By 2015 that shortage is expected to be nearly 20,000 and by 2020, it could exceed 32,000.
  • Approximately 85% of workers enrolled in healthcare education programs are trained through our community colleges, with most professions retaining 75% of those students within our State after graduation. Nine out of 10 nurses educated here stay here. In all health professions, most students remain near their home community when they enter the workforce, which helps to address the growing need of keeping trained health professionals in our rural areas.
  • Funding Request: $37 million additional in recurring funds over four years

Technical Education

  • Careers in industrial, construction, engineering and transportation are in high demand among North Carolina’s businesses but have low student interest. A decrease in enrollment has caused the termination of 36 more technical education programs than have been started since 2002. Consider that many of these fields, traditionally male-dominated, are competing for interest in a student population that is 63% female. We must re-energize student interest in these fields.
  • Funding Request: $18 million in additional recurring funds over four years

Creating Success for North Carolina’s Businesses

  • Our Customized Training programs have been the crown jewel in North Carolina’s economic development efforts for 50 years. We have trained employees for companies from Manteo to Murphy, covering all major sectors in our economy. During 2006-07, more than 200 new and expanding industries used our services to meet their worker training needs. Having gone more than a decade without a funding increase, our ability to meet these business needs is in jeopardy.
  • Funding Request: $7 million in additional recurring funds over four years

Total: $1,000 x 201,000 FTE students = $201 million over four years

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