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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Contact a Counselor

The counseling staff provides admissions, career, transfer, educational, disability, and personal/social counseling services. Counseling is available for all prospective and current students.

Admissions Counseling
Counselors are available to discuss admission requirements and curriculum programs offered at the College. Prospective students meet with a counselor prior to admission. During this meeting, the counselor and student will discuss admission requirements, the student’s program of study, and course placements. Transfer credits will be evaluated by the counselor when all transcripts have been received. The counselor will also assign the student an advisor in his or her selected program of study.

Career and College Transfer Counseling
Counselors are available to help students assess their abilities, skills, interests, values, personalities, and personal goals to make educational and career decisions. A variety of assessment tools and occupational information may be used to assist students. The JobLink Career Center will help students with career planning, training, and placement services.

Counselors are also able to assist students in the college transfer process. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree involves meeting transfer requirements, submitting an application and transcripts, and researching potential programs of study at the four-year college or university.

Counselors are available to provide students with additional resources and materials in the Career & Transfer Resource Center on Wednesdays from 11-1pm and Thursdays from 11-1pm or by appointment. Speak with a representative from a four-year college or university during a private campus visit.

Other Counseling Services
In addition to educational and vocational/career counseling, counselors are available to assist students in working through academic, personal, and social issues. Students who need on-going counseling services will be provided a list of community resources. Disability Services provides equal opportunity and access for students who have special health conditions, disabilities, or limitations.

Students are encouraged to utilize counseling services at any point throughout their enrollment at the College.

For further information, contact:

Admissions and Counseling Office
Wilson Building, Room 1200

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