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Core Competencies

Every individual needs common knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be effective as a person, a worker, a consumer, and a citizen.  Johnston Community College has defined core competencies as listed below.  Graduates of all associate degree and diploma programs are expected to be able to demonstrate these competencies.


  • Speak and write clearly and effectively
  • Read, comprehend, and follow directions
  • Listen effectively
  • Organize and deliver an oral presentation
  • Identify self strengths and needs for improvement as communicator


  • Analyze information
  • Identify solutions
  • Make logical decisions
  • Solve problems
  • Be creative


  • Interpret numerical data
  • Manipulate data logically
  • Demonstrate basic computer skills
  • Apply occupational technical skills
  • Recognize the impact of technology


  • Appreciate diversity
  • Interact effectively
  • Adapt to change
  • Demonstrate responsible citizenship
  • Express an awareness of historical and global perspective
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