In-Service Law Enforcement Training (ISLET)

Communication Skills with Persons in Crisis – De-escalation TechniqueJohnston Community College offers a wide range of training solutions to meet the demands of law enforcement agencies. In-Service Law Enforcement Training is provided at the request of local law enforcement agencies. Courses are especially designed as in-service and pre-service education for those engaged in law enforcement activities.


The cost for in-service training courses is FREE for sworn law enforcement officers affiliated with a North Carolina Agency, otherwise you will be required to pay the designated registration fee.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jamie Wicker, Dean of Transportation and Public Safety, by phone at (919) 464-2358 or by email at

Online Registration

Agency heads or their representatives or students should contact the Law Enforcement Coordinator or staff member to reserve seats for the class.

To sign up for classes: fill out our online registration form

If students find they cannot attend a class after registering, please notify the in-service staff as soon as possible. Classes may be canceled due to low enrollment. When classes must be cancelled, every effort will be made to contact preregistered students.

Registration for the class takes place at the time class begins. Students arriving late or leaving early will not receive full credit for classes. Attendees must bring any issued equipment needed for the course on the day it will be used.

Range Request

Range Request Form (PDF)

Upcoming Courses

JCC In-Service Law Enforcement Training Calendar Brochure – Spring/Summer 2018

2018 ISLET Training Calendar

Class Title  Date Day Time Hours Location Instructor
Radar Operator (Testing is Oct 26 @ JCC) Oct 22-26 M-W  8-5  34 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors
Legal Update  Oct 29 M  8-12  4 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors
Equality in Policing  Oct 29 M 1-5  4 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors
Communication Skills with Persons in Crisis – De-escalation Techniques Oct 30 T 8-12 4 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors
Officer Safety: Surviving Planned Attacks Against Law Enforcement Officers  Oct 30 T 1-5 4 PSSB J1490 Dorsey/Jones 
Strategies to Improve Law Enforcement Interactions and Relationships With Minority Youth Oct 31  8-10  2 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors 
Law Enforcement Intelligence Update  Oct 31 10-12  2 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors 
Leadership Through Community Partnership Oct 31 W 1-3 2 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors
Firearms Training and Qualification Nov 1 Th 1-7 6 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors
In-Service Law Enforcement Training Nov 2 F 8-10 2 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors
Crisis Intervention Training Nov 5-9 M-F 8-5 40 PSSB J1490 Johnston County Mental Health
DWI-SFST Dec 5-7 W-F Various 27 PSSB J1490 Dorsey/Jones
Radar Recertification (Testing on Dec 11 @ JCC) Dec 10-11 M-T 8-6 11 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors
Radar/Lidar Recertification (Testing on Dec 11 @ JCC) Dec 10-11 M-T 8-6 11 PSSB J1490 Certified Instructors
Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) Dec 17-18 M-T 8-5 16 PSSB J1490 Galloway



***Please continue to check the schedule for updates***

**Pre-Registration is required and Registration Fee must be paid prior to start of class.

Building Codes/Location

PSSB - Public Safety Service Bldg.
Main Campus JCC, 245 College Rd., Smithfield, NC 27577

CLVD - Cleveland Campus
9046 Cleveland Rd. Clayton, NC 27520

WFDC - Work Force Development Center
135 Best Wood Dr., Clayton, NC 27520
(919) 209-2591

Howell Woods Environmental Learning Center (firing range)
6601 Devils Racetrack Rd., Four Oaks, NC 27524


Dr. Jamie Wicker
Dean of Transportation and Public Safety
Public Safety Building J1011
(919) 464-2358

Wendy Tart
Administrative Assistant, Public Services
(919) 464-2369