Handgun Introduction and Concealed Carry Handgun Training (SS)

gun with target shutterstock_54737377This course is self-supporting. There are no fee exemptions allowed for self-supporting courses. The registration fee must be paid by all class participants.  Registration fees vary depending upon cost of the course and minimum enrollment of students.

No refunds are permitted for withdrawal from self-supporting courses unless the course is cancelled by the College.
Self-supporting courses are noted by (ss) beside the class title.

Course Schedule

Course Title: Concealed Carry (ss)
Course Code: CSP-4000-01U
Date: June 3, 2017, 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Location: Howell Woods Environmental Learning Center
Registration Fee: $70
Requirements: Students are required to bring 100 rounds of ammunition for their handgun. Hearing protection, eye protection, hat and $2.00 cash for the certificate must be brought with the student the day of class.

NOTE:  An instructor with sign language knowledge (not ASL Interpreting Certified) will be available to assist deaf and/or hard of hearing students.

Pre-Registration is required.


Steven Godwin
Director of Law Enforcement Programs
(919) 464-2362

Dena Hatton
Administrative Assistant, Instruction
(919) 464-2369

Registration Office
(919) 209-2522