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How to Make Money When You Don't Have a Job

Is your job search taking longer than expected? Are you looking for an additional source of income? Explore proven methods for earning money with just your computer and an internet connection (and a few offline ways to earn money as well). 

Course Code:  HRD 3008 01P
Dates: Jan 27 - 30; Feb 3 - 6
Days/Times: Mon-Thurs; 6 - 9 pm 
Location: JCC Smithfield, Main Campus: Wilson Building C2204
Instructor: Kelly Phillips
Cost: $70 (fee waiver available upon request)

 Note: Tuition and fees for HRD 3008 may be waived for individuals who meet specific criteria. 

To register, complete the Continuing Education HRD Registration Form & Fee Waiver Verification and fax to 919-209-2189 or email to Maegan Williams, Records & Registration Specialist, at Students may also submit in person by visiting the Main Campus, Wilson Building, C1513. For questions related to the fee waiver form, please call Ms. Williams at (919) 209-2522.  


Dr. Jennifer Servi-Roberts
Associate Vice President, Business and Applied Technologies
(919) 209-2041


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