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Admission Criteria: Basic Law Enforcement Training

In addition to general admission standards, BLET admission requirements are as follows:

  1. A student must make a score of 64 on the Reading placement test to enter BLET. If a student scores 53-63, they are eligible to retest on the Reading portion. If a student scores below 53, they must take RED 070. If a student retests and fails to make 64, they must take the class where they placed - RED 070 or RED 080.
  2. Complete the personal history questionnaire.
  3. Submit a copy of motor vehicle driver's record and a copy of court record.
  4. Meet minimum standards for law enforcement employment as contained in Chapter 9 of the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards, North Carolina Administrative Code, Title 12.
  5. Be interviewed by an admissions counselor.


For more information, contact:
Admissions Office
(919) 209-2128

Kevin N. Driver
BLET School Director
(919) 464-2352
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