Glossary of Terms

Bona Fide
in good faith; in the context of domiciliary inquiries, describes the quality of certain relevant conduct and its motivation -- acts performed not to subvert residence law but to meet its requirements to establish a genuine legal residence.

one's permanent dwelling place of indefinite duration, as distinguished from a temporary place of abode; synonymous with legal residence.

Legal Guardian
a person who by court order has been appointed to act in the place of an individual's parents.

Legal Residence
synonymous with domicile [see above].

a person below the age of 18 years; a minor is presumed to be legally incapable of establishing a domicile independent of that of his or her parents.

Preponderance of Evidence
refers to a cluster of significant events demonstrating domicile (physical presence and intent).

a legal device to place the burden of proof or of producing evidence on one or another party to a proceeding.

Prima Facie
by a first or initial showing (of the minimum evidence needed to support some conclusion of fact or law).

Residentiary Acts
are usually clustered around the time a person becomes a resident of a new place. Characteristics that are typical of a North Carolina resident; physical presence in the state with the intent to make NC a permanent home indefinitely.